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Please refer to the FSX Play User Manual and/or your GC2, GC3 GCQuad or GCHawk device user manual for additional instructions and use of FSX Play. Select INSTALL and allow course setup to complete file extraction. The option to select additional tasks to perform will now be available. Select the option of your preference and click NEXT.

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Think those “saving” figures have been massaged a touch as it’s basically written off the cost of the Foresight as no resale value. I’d imagine that call home feature is there attempt at stopping someone hacking the Bushnell firmware to enable all options. Thing is, if someone has the skill to do that they also have the skill to disable the call home feature to always return true.

Identifying and Uninstalling Restrictive Anti-Virus Software

With this being said, these miscaptures can happen every so often based on the lighting in an environment, delivery angles of the swing, and the shine/polish of the golf club material itself. From here, We would also suggest dimming/turning off some lights if indoors and retesting, then if applicable test outdoors in more shaded lighting. While on the range I connected the app using the WiFi network the Launch Pro puts out, which worked fine.

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Apple Silicon Mac Pro Reportedly Not Coming at WWDC, Mac ….

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Bushnell is known best for their golf rangefinders. In testing, Bushnell’s rangefinders have the clearest optics, top-notch accuracy and many features to help you shoot lower scores. There’s a reason why most of the players were using them at the 2021 PGA Championship.

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I will be interested in doing the testing coming from my perspective. It would be even better if Arccos got in the mix and started to amplify their club yardages with carry/roll distances. Very curious to what Trackman’s next play will be. If this has the capabilities we think it will, hard to justify spending $20k when $2k will get almost same functionality for home simulator as TM4.

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Once you get through the cumbersome setup process you’ll be rewarded with one of the very best golf products on the market. This is in part, as I mentioned, due to the placement of the device. But one of the only downsides to the house wedidget, was that there really isn’t enough space to swing a golf club indoors.

The 11 Best Golf Simulator Impact Screens & Enclosures – Reviews & Buying Guide

You can save up to 1 session locally and another 10 in the cloud. Sorry, that’s just the reality of where the technology is today. I think one note that they let out about the full set up is that is comes with a set of golf courses (10-12_ that you can play as well. Add that to the pot and it makes up for the gap in price. If you go the Bushnell Launch Pro route, you’re coming in at $2,999 for the unit which comes with only a couple of data points.

Reported launch angle differences were negligible and the accuracy of the critical spin measurement dwarfs anything we’ve tested to date. The $799 Bushnell Launch Pro package puts the device almost on even footing with the Foresight GC3. Both include the ability to connect 3rd party simulation software like e6. As far as the pricing part goes, the Foresight GC3 will set you back $6,995.

  • From true-to-life simulation play on the world’s best courses to dialing in your game on the range, Launch Pro lets you enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • This is a page torn right out of the PXG playbook.
  • How & What We Measure – Launch Pro captures and measures thousands of frames per second, giving the most reliable and accurate launch condition and ball flight in the industry.
  • As time evolves, so is technology and companies are becoming more accurate and have better features.
  • If you are using the device outdoors, please be sure to attempt to always have the ball on the same level surface as the device as well.

Note to Self, Call your broker on Monday and buy BUSHNELL and Q4 stock. I’m curious what it costs Foresight Sports to actually make their LMs because beyond a couple potentially pricey sensors there isn’t much there in way of materials. I’m sure the real cost is programming, R&D, and customer service. I’m sure they aren’t going to leave money on the table but if they price this as a high volume item, I’d say everyone else needs to watch out (assuming it’s good). If they price this under $2000, the Skytrak is probably dead, along with most other personal launch monitors that cost over $500. I believe Garmin has a new LM that is supposed to come out soon as well so this could all be very interesting.


You can pay $4,000 for the Launch Pro and receive limited data, in addition to subscribing to a plan tier for which you will receive additional metrics and data. Otherwise, you may pay $7,000 for the GC3 and receive everything for life. Freedom to invest in a specific simulation software that suits your needs. Launch Pro offers a range of Software packages from Foresight Sports ($249/year after 1st year) 30-Day FREE Trial of Gold Software Package powered by Foresight Sports. You can label each shot with tags for club fitters.

  • I also had the R10, it’s a $500 arcade game at best.
  • If I’m stepping up I’m getting an Uneekor for the slow speed camera and additional club head stats.
  • Models tested do a reasonably good job of measuring ball speed and launch angle for the most part.
  • With the longevity of the GC2 I thought it would safe to go the Foresight route versus the subscription route.

For recreational present value formulaers looking to measure their distances, some of the $500 radar units do a reasonably good job. At the $500 price point, the most accurate unit we tested provides enough data points to help you improve and understand your game. The price range for the units we tested ranged from less than $200 to just under $2,000. If you want enterprise-level accuracy and features , you’re looking at $7,499 for a Foresight GC3. If you go all out, you’re going to shell out $25,000 for a fully featured unit.

Bushnell Launch Pro Subscription Options

It does take some fiddling around, but a lot of owners reported that they used GSPro with the Launch Pro and had no problems so far. I tried it myself, and everything seems to work just fine. Just bear in mind that you’ll need, at the very least, a basic subscription plan to be able to integrate GSPro. The only way to verify that the Bushnell Launch Pro Golf Launch Monitor is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty is to purchase the device from an authorized retailer. The other differentiating characteristics are pricing and functionality.


The Direct X setup screen will appear, accept the agreement and click NEXT. Select the default installation folder and then click NEXTto proceed. Once this is complete, the Simulator Configuration tool will appear. If using a net return, please enter the following values pictured in this guide. If hitting into an Impact Screen, a 20ft tape measure is required to provide measurements for the Simulator Configuration Tool. Follow and complete each step outlined in the Simulator Configuration tool, click SAVE SETTINGSand select the X in the top right-hand corner to proceed with the FSX Play installation.

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Mevo, Rapsodo, SkyTrak and Voice Caddie include a selection of games that extends the capabilities of the device beyond just capturing data. While the Voice Caddie and Garmin offerings are self-contained, the other devices we tested require an app to communicate with the launch monitor and relay data to the user. We found the applications to be generally easy to navigate and hassle-free. Bushnell Launch Pro and Foresight GC3 are the most feature-rich launch monitors on the market.SkyTrak and Mevo Plus also provide an abundance of data offerings. Depending on the quality of the cameras, some camera-based launch monitors struggle under certain lighting conditions and in highly reflective environments. Even though the Bushnell Launch Pro carries a hefty $3,999 price tag, it has outstanding performance across all metrics.

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That is the only downfall but when used correctly it is just as accurate as the Bushnell. They are (but I think you mean GC3?), one is more prosumer whilst the other is unlocked and doesn’t require subscriptions. The Quad has an extra camera for more club data along with putter analysis. Whether you’re working on your short game or chasing higher ball speeds, the Bushnell Launch Pro is the best in the business. Like the Bushnell, the Foresight GC3 is the same unit but comes fully unlocked with no subscriptions.

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